Here are some programs that I have written, and that you too may find useful in your research.


  • BioMotionToolbox:

    This is a Toolbox that will allow one to easily read and manipulate biological motion stimuli from motion capture data. An important tool for researchers who want to do biological motion research, I think...

  • SetScreen:

    This function allows you to easily set the parameters for your screen when using Psychtoolbox 3. Please read the license. There is no documentation yet, will write it soon....

  • SetProjection:

    This function sets the type of projection you want to use (Parallel (default) or Perspective), using Psychtoolbox 3. Please read the license. Documentation is downloadable here, or just type help SetProjection in Matlab.

  • Undocumented Psychtoolbox for Matlab:

    Sometimes functions in programs can do more than is officially documented. Here I report such occurences for Psychtoolbox

    • KbName: KbName can take a cell array as input and will output all the associated labels of the requested keys in an array. This means that you are not limited to requesting single keys at a time. For example, I create a parameter structure p, with the field responseKeys, in which I store the response keys that I want to use. Then I use KbName to find the associated labels. The resulting array can be used to check for keystrokes during an experiment. This was tested with Matlab 2013a and 2014a, Psychtoolbox 3.0.11

      	p.responseKeys = {'LEFTARROW','RIGHTARROW'};
              answerkeys     = KbName(p.responseKeys)
              answerkeys =
              80    79